Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm Seeing Spots, Leopard Print Pillows

Good morning,

As it sometimes happens, I am crushing on something for the new office/guest room. Since I had to rush to put it together in a week there will surely changes, but change is the only thing constant in this house!

Right now I REALLLY want a leopard pillow or 2. I'm not referring to the average Joe leopard pillows here, but rather a special kind of leopard pillow with just the right amount of gold, black and hints of white. I also want it to be velvet though I might settle on faux fur if the print is right.

Remember my very eclectic sofa?

Don't you think it needs a bit of safari to up the cool factor?

I plan to add a couple leopard print pillows next to the Ikat and will also change up the throw and accessories on the wicker ottoman. It's a nice room, but it needs a bit of edge. Doesn't every room?

Perhaps something like these will do the trick?
Furbish Studio $75 for 20x20

Unknown, but this is the coolest egg chair EVER! I do mean EVER!
 Arianna Belle $70 for 19x19

Furbish Studio

Top 3: Furbish Studio

Target pillow $25 via The Lennox

Decor Pad

 Unknown, but LOVE

Vintage Scalamandre ($525!) via Etsy .

At this point I'm leaning towards the Arianna Belle set which will contrast and compliment the turquoise Ikat very well. Though I am loyal and love me some Furbish Studio!

What do you think about my animal instincts? Would you try this pattern mix in your own space or is it a bit too funky for your comfort zone?

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