Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Obsessed With Besta Burs

Good morning,

My oldest daughter's room has always been a half finished almost there version of a cool teen room, and since I recently finished updating the new master bedroom (whoo hoo!), I've decided to get her room done once and for all.

I'm a sucker for a sale, which I think stems from my good old born in Utah roots and the necessity to make a buck stretch. It's something that never left me. Even when I'm at Ikea I check their clearance section first. If you haven't checked out Ikea's clearance section make sure you do. You will find like new returns or floor models that have been replaced, for a fraction of the price and the best part of all is that you can find them FULLY ASSEMBLED!

As luck would have it I ran right smack in to a fully assembled black Besta Burs desk for only $150 which is $119 off the sticker price!!! Now, I will say that there was a slight dent on one of the drawers, but it is barely visible and is for my teen daughter's room making it worth every penny of the discounted price.

If you're unfamiliar with this desk let me help you out a bit.

Here are two of them in the beautiful LONNY magazine new offices.

And here is a white version that is staged as a console which is a beautiful idea that I'm sure I'll use at some point.

Well, needless to say the desk was MINE, and it immediately came home to my daughter's room.

Here she is in all her black lacquer beauty, my Besta Burs, my daughter's Besta Burs desk.

This desk is amazing, and as you can see from the pictures the dent is barely visible. I staged my Besta Burs with the Saarinen "tulip" chair, which is a classic mid century modern style, and a glass ball lamp with a silver lined lamp shade.  It's good to know that this desk has two long drawers for storage and can be assembled without the metal pulls if you want to customize your own handles for a higher end look. I also put a silver tray on my desk to keep things organized.

The bottom line is if you are looking for a narrow desk that is sleek and stylish this desk is only 15 3/5" deep, and is packed with style! I would also love to see this staged as a console with a mirror hung above it making an entry way statement.

What do you think of the Besta Burs desk? Is there a piece from Ikea that you have fallen in love with and can't get enough of? For me the Besta is the best!!!

Happy Monday~


  1. Hi Whitney,
    I just found your blog while researching the Besta Burs desk. Are you still happy with the desk? Do you find it sturdy? I very much like the chair you paired with the desk. - Robert

  2. Hi Robert, I do love this desk and in fact bought it in white also for my younger daughter's room and added ring pull handles to it to update it. It's heavy and I thing worth the price. No problems so far, but as with anything from Ikea installation is what it's all about. Hope that helps.