Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Time, What's Your Costume?

Happy Spooooky Halloween!!!

It's finally here, after a month of decorating, parties and getting ready today is Halloween. This year we weren't able to make it to any truly epic Halloween parties sadly, so I didn't really go all out on the costume front. Tonight we've been invited to a good friend's house for wine, food and trick or treating with the kids.

I decided that I can't go "naked" to a Halloween gathering costume wise. How boring would I be to come in civilian's clothes? I've come up with a pretty quick and easy costume idea that I'm putting together. My plan is Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead. Traditionally this day is celebrated by Mexicans and Mexican Americans, and is celebrated by praying for and remembering friends and family members who have died. There are usually parties and parades to honor this tradition.

You are probably familiar with the vivid colors and amazing art from this celebration, and if you're not then feast your eyes on all this amazing color!


**I'm secretly OBSESSED with this wall stencil! Who wouldn't be ;)

And here are some ideas from Day of the Dead translated in to the perfect costume.

Do you get the idea????? I could see a whole party based around the Day of the Dead theme, couldn't you? Technically this is a November celebration, but it sure makes for an awesome Halloween costume idea.

My plan here is to play up the makeup with dark lips, dark eyes and colorful details. I'll simply do a side swept hair with some flowers pinned down. Add some jewels and voila! Pretty easy costume if you ask me, and with a minimal cost of make up and some hair accessories. I'll share the results with you later today!

What will you be wearing for Halloween? Anything festive or creative that you will be doing???

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