Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Easy No Sew DIY Banded Pillows

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I want to show you one more fun and easy project that I did for Isabella's room. No sew banded pillows. This was a 5-10 minute project, but it brought a beautiful designer touch to her room by simply using the fabric remnants from her DIY Upholstered Cork Board. In my own home I'm like everyone else in search of cost saving ways to make the most out of what I've got, and this is a great example of using what you've got and making something special.

For this project I originally bought 1 yd of this Waverly Modern Essentials fabric in Lilac. The "scraps" that I had left over from my cork board gave me enough for 2 bands that are about 10" wide each. What I love about this project is that I originally bought the fabric at 50% off so it cost me $20 per yard instead of the original $40. Second, I love that it ties the room together and gives it a more "designer" look in small doses keeping the cost down. Lastly, in case you didn't remember from my posts here, Banded Pillows And Sea Urchins and here, Banded Pillows Inspired By Kelly Hoppen as well as the many other posts that I've done with banded pillows one thing is clear, I love banded pillows!

Here is a step by step guide to making your own No sew DIY banded pillows. 

What you'll need:

-Fabric- I probably used about .25yds for my 2- 10" bands
-Tacky glue

Step 1: Take your fabric strip and fold the ends in (following the print if there is one), and iron the edges to give you a crisp edge. 

Step 2: Place your band face down and put your pillow on top. Pull your ends over the pillow taught and trim the extra fabric keeping in mind that you want it to be very secure around the pillow so you may need to trim off more than you think.

 Step 3: Fold over both of your ends and iron them for a clean edge. Line the inside of each edge with tacky glue to secure both of your end pieces.


Your finished edges will look like this.

Step 4: Place your pillow on top of your band and pull the band around the pillow. Line the edge of one end with tacky glue and over lap the other end on top of it. Secure the entire edge with sewing pins along the line and let it dry.

Here is the room with the finished No Sew DIY Banded Pillows.

They were too easy and turned out too amazing to not share with you. In this case they really tie together the colors and theme of this room, however in your own home they could be a great way to add texture to an other wise boring pillow, or they could be a safe way to add a punch of color without going over the top.

In any case I'm a fan of banded pillows and I'm an even bigger fan of yet another DIY project that only took a little bit of time, some fabric and some glue. I swear, there isn't much I can't do when armed with some spray paint, some glue and possibly a staple gun!

What do you think of these banded pillows? Would you try them in your own home?

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