Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nate Berkus For Target, LOVE

Good morning,

I'm a fan of Target, and I'm an even bigger fan of the designer collaborations that they do. I love the idea in both home decor and fashion of making high end labels available to the masses without sacrificing on style.

Nate Berkus recently launched his amazing accessories and bedding line for Target, and his eclectic style did not disappoint. You may remember the Nate Berkus Ikat bowls for HSN that were everywhere (and that I DIYed in my closet here )? Well there aren't any of these bowls sadly in the collection, but what there are makes up for it entirely!

Here are a few of my personal favorites.

There are many other items available in this collection including bath ware and towels, bedding, pillows, picture frames, gold vases and then some. I snatched up 2 of those Aries figurines and a tortoise shell which btw is also available in yellow and green. You can see the full collection at

You'll have to wait to see the tortoise shell in action, but here is a glimpse at the Aries heads on my newly styled shelves.

Now I'm not going to lie, I already thought about spray painting these babies gold like I do everything else, but I'm going to leave them a while and see how it goes. I love off beat accessories, and these Aries heads are right up my ally. I also like that this collection is a bit edgy and offers something out of the norm, or at least out of the norm for Target.

You can see the old staging of my shelves here, but here's a reminder of the old look.

And now the new look with my lovely Nate Berkus for Target Aries heads.

I'm loving the new look, and find that changing around accessories is an easy way to refresh your home and make it feel new all over again. I also love that they were only $14.99 each!

Have you seen the new Nate Berkus collection for Target? Is there anything that you are currently crushing on? As always, I would love to see pictures so feel free to share.


  1. Amazing, I saw these gold pieces at Target last week and instantly thought of you with your love of GOLD.. I will be purchasing a few of pieces from that line. The gold figurine spikey thing is a MUST!

  2. LOL, they definitely had my name all over them! I put the spiked gold urchin down, but had it in my hands. Also, my local Target didn't have the brass bowls so there is a change I'll go back. Stay tuned because I'm sure I'll paint something like my Aries figurines~

    Would love to see what you end up with.