Monday, October 8, 2012

Putting A Day Bed In Your Little Girl's Room

Good morning,

We have been taking a day over the weekend here for the past few weeks at our house clearing things out, organizing, getting rid of the clutter and completing long put off projects. 

Part of this process has been to finish both of our daughter's rooms, and I don't mean in the "finished" sense that I usually do here at the Perez house. Unfortunately many projects here take a back seat to my client's so they are more half done projects. Well no more! My younger daughter is a bit of a clutter bug, and no matter how much her room is cleaned it always seems messy. I'm going to change that and give her room a more organized feel.

I'll be keeping her HEMNES day bed however, because her room isn't very large and a day bed is a great space saver both style wise and the fact that dresser drawers are built in to it resolving the need for an additional dresser. Day beds in general are a great solution for space challenged rooms and can work well for kids rooms and guest rooms alike.

Take a look at some of these spaces using day beds,  and awe over how they've made the ordinary look extraordinary!

Now that's allot of day bed eye candy!

To break it down, here's my plan to give her room a makeover/finished look using most of what I already own and selling the rest to make way for the new:

Light- I'm keeping my DIY Coffee Filter Light because let's face it, this sucker is adorable. I also spent forever making it so there's no way I'm getting rid of it.

Paint- I may have to switch to a lighter and more jewel toned grown up paint on the walls so that she can grow in to this room. I'm thinking a neutral shade of lavender with grey undertones such as Sherman Williams Whimsical White 6826. I'll have to buy the paint for this, but it will be a color that can change with her growing style. 

Bed- I have the HEMNES day bed from Ikea. It's a bit bulky, but I own it and it has built in drawers. I may have to modify it though. We'll see. If nothing else, I will change the boring knobs and use my already owned gold ring pulls from my old night stands.

Drapes- How about I get some! I've had nothing but plain ol blinds since we moved here and it is SOOOOO boring. I'm thinking about making something simple better with a pom pom trim like these. I'm keeping it affordable with some basic Ikea curtains...that I already own, and simply adding a trim to them.

Bedding- think jewel tones with touches of black. Also, my new #1 with a day bed is matching bolster pillows which will make it perfect! Lots of ruffles and lots of pillows should seal the deal. I found a fantastic ruffled coverlet on clearance for only $25, as well as some pillows at Target on clearance for $5.80. I'm also reusing my own bolster pillows to which I am adding a ruffle case using pillow case that came with the coverlet a-la recycle what you've got and make it work! It's an affordable way to customize this bedding.

TV- I sold the HUGE Ikea EXPEDIT unit that just left too many squares to put "things" in. No matter what I did, this thing was cluttered. I will replace it with another EXPEDIT, but the smaller version with only a few spaces for books and a couple boxes. It's also not as wide clearing out a bit more space. Something like the picture below will do. The best part is that the price of the sold unit replaces the new unit. Recycling at it's greatest.

Rug- I found a steal on clearance at Ikea for only $50 when it's originally $399! You heard me! It is a bit of a raspberry soft pink shade with a beautiful print and a nice low pile, and will work well with the jewel tones. Her old white shag rug is not longer white, it's more of a greige and I can't take it. I had to replace it, but for only $50 bucks you can't beat it.

Desk and Chair- I will be selling her LACK hacked bench that I made. I know, kind of sad. The problem is that she simply doesn't use it, so it is really just wasted space in this room. In it's place I will put a desk and chair with a floor mirror or 2 or 3 leaning behind it. She is a little dancer and likes to see herself so I'm going to try to make this combo work. For the desk I would love to try to recreate something like this, but we'll see. I do have the gold ring pulls....maybe the white Besta Burs if I can find it on clearance again. For the chair I'm thinking of the ghost chair which has some affordable options and doesn't take up too much visual space.

Now there are extras such as the wall art, a colorful trunk for her Barbie's and lamps for her bed etc etc, but I need the main pieces first. It's a bit of a loose plan right now, but give me a minute and it will come together. I'll update you soon.

What do you think of day beds in kids rooms or guest rooms? Are you for this space saving solution in your own home?


  1. cute beds! do you know where the orange tufted one is from?