Thursday, April 5, 2012

Designer Lighting Replica, Big Savings


I have been on a hunt to find images of the Ochre Arctic Pear light in the polished nickel finish since it is famously photographed in the bronze color. In order to buy this hefty 35" light in the polished nickel (which by the ways costs $6,600 plus shipping and tax) there is about a 8-10 week waiting period. My thoughts on that are you'd better be damn sure you love that light and that it will work because that's a long time to wait.

Needless to say I needed reassurance for my client and for myself! While I searched I came across another pretty popular light due to its close resemblance to the Arctic Pear light I'm sure. I am referring to the Robert Abby Bling Collection Crystal Tear Drop Chandelier. Oh, and guess what? It's available in both bronze and polished nickel!!!

The good news is that it is under $1,000!!! The bad news is that it is only 20 1/2" in diameter.

So I continued my search, and guess what?

Bingo! I found it in a 35" diameter size just like be beloved Ochre Arctic Pear light in 90cm that we had our eyes on. Want to know the other good news? It is available in 2 weeks!

In case you need the further convincing of the greatness in this mega score, the total savings for my client here is $4,807! Now that's something I can be proud of.

Here it is in a kitchen.

Here it is in a dining room.

Here it is in a nook.

Here it is in a living room.

Here it is in a bathroom.

In case you need to see it in your own room, here you go! 

They have some other pretty amazing things on their site by the way~

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