Monday, April 30, 2012

Inexpensive Wood Feature Wall

Good morning,

I spent Saturday FINALLY installing the lobby feature wall in my modern medical office project. This wall was intended to give some visual and textural interest and will be the focal point for the logo in the office lobby.

Since our theme is very contemporary and clean I wanted to give this space a little bit of warmth, not to mention a wow factor since it is the company's first impression.

Here was our inspiration picture for the wood wall. Mainly I liked the bands of wood and the light natural tone that was used.

This wall needed to be created on as minimal budget as possible to help offset the large costs that have accumulated in furnishings, flooring and cabinetry.

The idea here was to take 1/8" plywood which is very thin and very light. We them cut it into long strips which then had to be cut again and sanded piece by piece. These pieces were glued and nailed by hand in a random pattern similar to the layout of a wood floor in 24" bands horizontally across the walls.

The results make a large impact and are the perfect place to place our large acrylic logo which is coming soon. Here are the results.

Above was the beginning of the wallas it was being laid out.

This wall is a great example of using creativity to achieve a unique focal point for a room done with only $20 worth of on sale wood and labor. If you were doing this yourself the labor would be your own time spent creating this, which for the record took a long time! We chose to not stain or seal the wood so that it could keep the natural raw look that I am going for.

 I would use this again and could see it done in a living room or a boy's bedroom. I love it, and so does my client. What do you think?


  1. I love this idea Whitney! Looking forward to seeing the finished space xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)