Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stores I love, Artefacto Miami

Good morning,

I always love when I get to find new stores and sources of inspiration, and here in Miami you can find them all over. Recently, while I was out my new client she took me to Artefacto Miami, which is her favorite store. It did not disappoint.

Each piece is made and imported from Brazil. There is a high end luxurious feel mixed with eclectic and organic elements. Just my style! This is the kind of store where no price is listed but rather inquired on piece by piece. It is also the kind of store where we might find one or two items to compliment our design scheme because too many will likely break the bank!

Take a look at some of their Miami designs. You will find that since we are booming down here in South Florida with sky rise condos, they can often be seen staged with very high end furnishings. It's part of the Miami "life style", just not my life style;).

As you can see through their own designs it is pure luxury and absolutely stunning.

Walking through this store is such a breath of fresh air....except for the stiffling prices but that's how it goes sometimes. Here is one of their show rooms.

If you yourself live in the area (they have stores in other major cities as well), make sure you stop in. You may find large floor mirrors for upwards of $5,000 and table lamps for just under $3,000, but you will also find a canvas of inspiration just waiting for you to sink your teeth in to. You could also visit their web site artefacto and get a little perspective from their US projects. "Sigh!"

For me I'll take the couple pieces that I can get, and will find the rest elsewhere. I love the inspiration, however and can't wait to translate this in to my client's home

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  1. Lovely post Whitney! Artefacto has some great products. I can´t visit their store because I live so far away, but you never know.. Thanks for sharing!