Thursday, April 12, 2012

Modern String Lights, A Show Of Their Own

Good morning,

yesterday while purchasing some lighting for a client I came across a display with the lights we own in our living room, and they are worth a post of their own!

These lights are called Solis and are made by Pablo. They are truly one of the coolest things ever! These were put in our living room by David Bromstad and Color Splash and are true genius on their part. We have limited space there so it is a great solution to added lighting, not to mention the most sleek and stylish solution I've seen.

They come in 3 sizes: 24", 48" and 72" (we have the 72"), and they also come with a pretty hefty price tag of $700 for the 72"! The light cascades down through a laser cut polyester fabric held by stainless steel rings which give it a string like appearance, and also create the most amazing shadows in the room. They are on dimmers which changes the amount of light.

You can suspend it from the ceiling, or from the side of a wall like a huge sconce.

They also come in 4 colors: white, brown, black and silver.

Here they are beautifully hung in our living room.

Though we've made some changes to the accessories in this room along with a bench and some art (David's art is being photographed and we miss it!), one thing that hasn't and will not change is the amazing lighting!!! We love these lights and would say that they are worth their weight in gold. So if you are looking for a new way to light a space, you simply can't go wrong with the Pablo Solis Lights.

We feel especially lucky to have them~

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