Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stipes On Walls All Over The Place, Mmmmm

Good morning,

I am researching paint for my 3 kids rooms in the Modern Organic project and definitely will be adding stripes in at least one of the rooms.

Adding stripes to a room can either make the room feel taller as in vertical stripes or longer and wider as in horizontal stripes. I'm personally drawn to horizontal stripes, which could be that I'm bias since they are through out the entire main living areas of my house thanks to David Bromstad and Color Splash. In the home makeover that we won they added grey and white stripes in our living room, family room and our dining room. They really do make our small house feel so much longer and we absolutely LOVE them!

Here are a couple of pictures of the stripes in our house.

Here are more pictures of homes with striped rooms to further inspire you.



Dining Room




Baby Room

 Kid's Room

Modern Living Room

These stripes aren't made to make you dizzy but rather to inspire and entice you. As you can see, you can't really go wrong with them and they can fit in to any interior. I find them to be very inspiring and I can't wait to include them in my project.

Which way do you prefer your stripes. vertical or horizontal?


  1. Your home looks amazing!!! Love those mirrors, lamps and your curtains are very stylish too <3

    I like both vertical and horizontal stripes... But for some reason the horizontal ones seem to be more casual and the vertical ones formal... But maybe it's just me *shy*


  2. Thanks B! We love it too <3 I can't wait to see your house as it progresses along and you finally get to start adding your beautiful stuff in there. That's the fun part!!!