Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DIY Pendant Light On A Budget- Using Coffee Filters

Good morning,

Last night I actually finished 2  more projects. We are moving right along, but running out of time. One of them is the light that I am doing for my daughter's room. It is an amazing pendant light using a 24" round rice paper lantern, hot glue and coffee filters! I have been searching around all of the blogs to find out where this idea originated and I found that Kara Paslay Designs used it in her guest room and did a nice tutorial here: Kara Pasley Designs.

I saw another light from an African Designer Haldane Martin that was far out of my budget and reach shown here:
So I started researching ways to get a designer look without the price since of coarse it is being used in a 9 year old little girl's room which will certainly change one day. Look at some of the stunning lights that you can make by simply getting your rice paper lantern (mine was from Amazon.com for $6) and taking some time (it does take quite a bit of time) to glue whatever you come up with to your light.

You can purchase styles on Etsy, but they will cost you. My total cost was under $20 and the results are  beyond amazing.

I may decide to add more filters to mine and I haven't fastened down some of the longer ones but it already looks stunning. Here is my DIY Coffee Filter Light:

Make sure you have enough filters because I ran out at one point and had to go get more which was no bueno. I used 350 for mine but saw on madebygirl.blogspot.com that she used 1,000 so it depends on the look you are going for and where it will hang.  As you can see from my husband holding it up for me, it is large and in charge. I am quite tickled by this one and git all giddy when I walk by and see it sitting in the large clothes hamper and thinking to myself "only 2 more weeks and the precious house will be mine" all in a very sinister voice.

If you decide to make yourself one of these, make sure to give me some shout outs and check back in to see this baby in full effect in about a week when I start putting the room together. Enjoy~


  1. Cool. Good for you for coming up with your on version. Love it.


  2. Great project, the light looks super cool. Actually I think it looks like a ton of carnation flowers all bunched together and it would be cool for a garden party. You are just too smart!
    Amy R.