Thursday, July 21, 2011

Frosted Doors And Window Film

Good morning,

We have been toying with ideas on what to do with our front door. We love our front door with all the light it lets in to our house, and the modern black framing around it. What we don't love is that you can see right in our house, you can't ignore or even check who's at your door, and little Lola in all her yorkie dog glory can't resist barking at each and every single thing she sees- EVERY SINGLE THING.

We ar trying to make it work. One idea is to smoke the door and then have a custom gate of sorts made to attach to the front of it for an artistic element. The other idea was presented to me in the form of window films. These are basically heavy duty stickers that go right on the glass to give you both style and privacy.

Here is the door as it stands now:
Wouldn't you just want to walk up and stick your face right up to it and look inside? Well everyone else wants to.

Here are some picture of  frosted doors done very right:

 I love how they painted the frame of this door. I can see that happening at my house. I also love the modern house number that I can kind of see. That is a must!

Here is a picture of a Kelly Hoppen screen which is the inspiration for what we would have made to fit over the window part of our door:
You can see how playing with the shapes, in this case circles would protect the window smoke, provide privacy and would give you something unique and beautiful to look at.

Finally, here are pictures of some window films. They are pretty thick and seem durable. They are easy to apply and can be ordered in custom sizes and styles. I am toying with a plain smoke one or with the rice paper one:

What do you think? What would you do if you loved something but needed the privacy? Are any of these a favorite?


  1. I like your idea, smoke stickers with a screen for interest and added security.
    Added you to my building / reno reading list :)

  2. Those ideas are great! To answer your question, I always try to play with some patterns when it comes to designing glass panes. The reason is that you could still have a peek of the outside while keeping your privacy. Thanks for sharing!

    Greg Arnett