Monday, July 18, 2011

Wood Feature Wall

Good morning, I am waiting to hear back on some exciting news that I hope to be able to share with you soon....or as soon as I know. Since it is a really big deal it puts some of my home projects on hold (hint, it involves a make over in a really big way) Can't wait to find out myself and will be giddy like a school girl to tell you.

One of the projects that I will do as soon as I get the green light is to add some kind of a feature wall in either my dinning room or my family room i.e. the tv unit. What I am leaning towards is a floor to ceiling wood feature wall. I want to bring in more custom elements that take my builders model home and make it custom. I also want to bring in more contemporary elements little by little. All of this was spawned by the hint from above and has these wheels a turning. Of coarse it will have to be done on a budget, but the lucky thing is that I have an amazing craftsman who works wonders with wood.

If I end up doing this in my family room it would give me some vertical height and would take the room from this:

To something like this:

I really like the bottom picture with its color and contemporary feel. It would blend well with my dark cabinets. My thoughts are that this would start in the family room and could then spread to the dinning room assuming it goes smoothly and doesn't cost a fortune for me to do. I would like it in both spaces because it would bring that vertical element across the house and would really emphasize the height which is what you want in a smaller space, the illusion of space. My thoughts are that instead of doing it across the span of an entire wall, I would do it in a wide stripe. For example in the photo of my family room above I would have it go from the inside of the first window to the inside of the other window from the ceiling to the floor.

Quick update, my husband loves the idea of the black doors. He wasn't happy about yet another project but agreed to it. I love that man!

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