Friday, July 15, 2011

Quick DIY Lmap Shades

Good morning,

I wanted to share with you a couple DIYs that I did over last weekend.

The first one was for my daughter Isabella's room where I needed just a pinch of color to give her lamp a bit of character and tie it in for a little girl's room. First I took a ribbon and cut it to size around the top and the bottom of a drum lamp shade, then I simply glued it with fabric glue following the edge that already exists on the shade to keep it even. A couple of tips on this one: iron your ribbon (kind of a duh but believe it or not I didn't do that), also have a paper towel on hand to wipe the extra glue as you press the ribbon around your drum shade.

Here are the before and afters: the glue was still a little wet in the picture but when it dried you couldn't see a thing~

The second project was for my daughter Amanda's colorful room in progress. For her project I used a couple of lamps that I already had but needed to give some character. I also had some fabric that I was going to use as a bottom border for her drapes which just happened to fit almost perfectly around the square shades that I had. My suggestion on this one is to have the fabric cut to size and have enough extra that you can really cover the shade and have it be even. Since I used what I had it doesn't fully cover it on a couple of edges which I just turned away from view, but if I were buying the fabric with this project in mind I would have made certain of the dimensions before hand.

I simply wrapped the fabric around the shade and fabric glued it to the top and bottom. I also used a glue gun since it is stronger and dries faster pressing the glue flat with a paper towel as I went along. Again, make sure you iron your fabric before you start.

Here are the before and afters:

As with most of the rooms in our house there are still loads of projects to be finished, and both rooms are a work in progress. So far I love what changing the lamps did for the space, and it was a great way to make them still nice but a bit more kid friendly. What do you think? Have you changed a lamp to give it some edge? I would love to see your results~