Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Modern Backyard Terrace

Good morning,

Since we live in Florida much attention and time are spent outdoors year round. Right now our back yard is really sad and scary but the goal is to make it a very nice retreat with clean modern lines. I already showed you pictures of some pool designs that we would like one day in the future but for now we need to take care of the immediate.

We already started by pouring a concrete slab over the existing slab where our tiki bar is in the same color as the floors in the garage. We also plan to re-do the bar counter tops with concrete as well. The terrace is currently a terra cotta paver that doesn't go with anything we have both inside and out. We plan to chip that out and do something with wood and concrete together which will eventually also extend accross the pool deck.

Here are some pictures of some modern backyards and terraces that have what we're looking for:
 Above is a picture of polished concrete floors on a terrace.
 Above is a  picture of what can be done with concrete poured at different elevations
Above is a  picture of concrete poured outside the house that leads in to the wood deck.
 Above is a nice seamless transition between the concrete and the wood which is what I want
 Above is a terrace with concrete and the lower elevation or pool deck in our case is all wood
 Above is a modern yard with a wood inset which is visually interesting and artistic
 Above is a pool deck with a concrete face, which is probably closest to what will happen with ours
 Here is another raised elevation which is similar to what we will have once the pool deck is done
 I posted this one before, but it's a personal favorite. I think you can see why
Above is an amazing deck with specific detail to the columns.I have a column. I heart column.
Above is a long simple deck with both wood and concrete.

Below are pictures of our tiki hut with the concrete slab. I am aware that a tiki hut is not a typical contemporary feature, but it was already here and has a built in kitchen so we are working with what we've got and making it work!

Above is the slab in process with the new concrete floors before it dried and cured.
Finally, above is our terrace as it stands with the terra cotta floors. It is a sad sight for now, but I see a major transformation in its near future. I hope to one day take my sad pictures and show you the "afters" and have them be something, or anything like the inspirations from above~

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