Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pouring Concrete Floors In The Garage Addition, Part I

Good morning, the concrete pour in the garage went well yesterday. As I mentioned before the long term here will be that we polish and leave the floors exposed and off set them with all the lovely layers of white curtains, upholstery and crystal that will be going in there.

Here are the pictures that we took during the process and after. Keep in mind that my husband has been in the concrete business for over 17 years so for us this was a great way to use what we've seen and really make our master suite modern and unique to us. It also saved us a ton of money on flooring in addition to the fact that we own the finishing company which clearly saved us on the entire project.

 Here was my drive way with the concrete trucks first thing in the a.m. For any of you local people we used C&C Concrete Pumping for the pumping and finishing and Supermix for the Concrete. We didn't want to add color to the concrete because of additional costs so what we were advised to do to lighten the floors and not add more cost was to add 40% slag to the concrete mix. This would give us a result of  lighter grey concrete floors. My husband also owns a concrete cutting company called Concrete Connection, Inc. who cut and finish concrete and also do decorative concrete fixtures such as integral sinks, counter tops and more. Please contact me if you need any contact info for any of these services.

 Here they started to pour the concrete over the compacted sand, again which saved us money on material.

 More of the garage being covered and you can see the elevation rising to make the garage even with the rest of the house.

Here the finisher is putting a smoothe finish to the floor with a trowel machine.

Here are pictures of the finished product after they gave it a hard trowel finish. The final steps will be to polish and seal it which will make them even better and more finished. They are going to continue to cure and lighten for the next 28 days. Our finished product will be a very smooth light grey.  They are amazing and will surely compliment the grey master en-suite that I am in process of having. Whoohoo!

Our next steps will be framing, plumbing, a/c duct work, and then electrical lines will be ran. The fun part will be calling in for inspection for each step which is what takes the most time. Wish us luck~!


  1. I'm building a house in Southern Vermont that will have a concrete floor throughout -- and the finish in your photos in terms of color and variation is just what I'm hoping to achieve. It seems like it ought to be a simple way for someone skilled in concrete -- but who isn't catering to high end clients -- ought to be able to produce for a reasonable price. Am I wrong about that? Also, could you tell me what kind of dye/color treatment produced what you did so beautifully here? (FYI: I found you by doing the following Google search (photos integral color trowel finish residential concrete flooring) in Google Images). I wouldn't be asking if I weren't having trouble finding someone up here to do it, but perhaps I'm asking the wrong questions or describing it in the wrong way. Thanks in advance for your help.

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