Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pouring Concrete Floors For A Garage Addition

Good morning, I won't be posting much today since I have everyone here getting ready to pour the floors for my new bedroom, FINALLY! I am living like a little hamster right now in a teeny tiny bedroom and have absolutely no idea what's in my closet which is either a sign of a too little closet or too much stuff;)

I will post details and the do's and don't later.

One thing that I've learned about any remodel or construction work in general is that there are ALWAYS delays and set backs. Today we move forward with the concrete floors but now we will have to resubmit drawings again since our "oh so talented" architect didn't take in to account the elevation of all the other windows on our house before he added windows to the garage addition. For me the whole point of this process has been to NOT have it look like we rigged our house and did an addition. This is tricky, but when done right will look fabulous in spite of the fact that we converted the garage. It is what it is when you need a lil' extra space.

I mentioned this yesterday, but here is a proper post about my console table they featured in

If you yourself have done anything amazing with your Ikea items, I would suggest posting it. I plan to do so with my DIY bench, my rice paper lantern turned cloud light, my DIY dirft wood mirror, and my upcoming MALM console table that I will be wrapping in faux croc print and adding studs to. It will flood you with traffic and hopefully get you some new followers. It is also a great source for some handy ideas for yourself! 

See my post here: sleek console table

As always, thanks for your love and support~

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