Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Anre Jacobsen Swan Chair

Good morning! I'm back in town after a much needed trip to go visit my family hence the lack of posts.

This week I am hoping to be able to actually show you some things. My plan here is to install the furnishings which are in at my office project as well as the logo. I have paint going in to my Modern Organic project which means we can start hanging some things. I have pictures to take of an already completed project and possibly the chance of a new project starting. All of these things make me happy, so stay tuned!

Today I figured I would share with you another iconic chair that I used in one of the teen boys rooms in my Modern Organic project. I am referring now to the Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair.

This chair ironically enough is similar to the Egg Chair that I already posted about here  in that it is from the same designer Arne Jacobsen also in 1958 and also for the lounge and lobby areas of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. These pieces of furniture catapulted the career of Arne and are still being reproduced today and used just as much.

They are available in a diverse range of colors and materials with a swivel base and have a very comfortable design. I used them in another teenage boys room and CANNOT WAIT TO SHOW YOU HOW GOOD THEY LOOK!!

Here are some images that I've found to give you an idea of how much these petite chairs can make and define a room.

In my room, I am using grey, white and orange as the base colors so I bought the chair in white and used an orange and white trellis patterned pillow on each chair. They are awesome and worth looking in to if you want a stand out chair that can work really in ANY type of space. Though they have a very modern mid century design you will see that they can work from the most modern of spaces down to a very traditional space. You can't go wrong!

Stay tuned for a reveal of these chairs in the coolest of teen boy's rooms.


  1. Look forward to seeing the teen boy's room reveal :)


  2. I hope to show it this upcoming week. I have the paint that just went in and now I have to hang some art. I'll keep you posted.