Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sneak Peek, Orange, White, and Grey Teen Boys Room

Good morning,

Last week we finally installed the new Moooi Random light in one of the teen boy's bedrooms that I'm doing, and it was everything I hoped it would be. This room had to be cool, and I mean really cool. It is for a high school kid who moonlights as a DJ for parties and has made quite the name for himself.

For his room I chose to load it up with lots of crisp white and pops of tangerine orange, I then grounded it with grey. I mixed some modern and organic elements with a few designer pieces for a laid back vibe, but one that has an edge to it. The results are an orange, white and grey room packed with style!

Here is a sneak peek:

Since I started in this room with just the bed/desk combo which are a dark wood and seemingly traditional piece of furniture, not to mention two of the largest pieces in the room, and had to mix it with the bright orange modern sofa I really had to think outside the box. I added elements such as the Swan Chairs, the arc lamp and the Moooi Random light to create a funky loungy space for this teenage hang out, and cozied it up a bit with the Pebble Rug. I am so excited with how the room is looking, and will reveal the rest it soon~


  1. Thanks B, it will be nice once I take the final pictures....in the day light so that I can actually show case the room better! I drive my husband crazy with some of my amateur photography;)