Thursday, May 17, 2012

Garage Addition: Master Bedroom Update

Good morning,

I wanted to share a few angles and changes in our master bedroom. For those of you not following along, we completed a 500SF garage addition giving us a new master bedroom, master bathroom, 2 walk in closets (one large and one small), and a small laundry room.

It has been a long process, and as it goes with most construction has had its ups and downs. Overall however, it is beautiful and has given us the extra space that we desperately needed with as minimal cost as possible.

-We have exposed polished concrete floors courtesy of my husband's company Concrete Connection.

-The night stands are the DIY Ikea RAST night stands that I posted about here .

- The hanging chandelier is the DIY gilded gold chandelier that I posted about here .

- The mirrors are the Quatrefoil mirrors from Lowe's which can be purchased here.

- The pillows are from Ikea and I had custom bands made of a faux croc fabric to give the all white bedding some character.

-The chaise is the Kivik chase from Ikea.

- The benches are from Target. I recovered them and painted the base gold. See the DIY tutorial that I posted  here.

- By our door are 3 of the best little star burst mirrors ever from Target for only $24.99 each.  

- From our bed is a beautiful seating area and a DIY painted mirror which I posted about here .

Let me know if you want to know about anything else in the room. 

As you can see, it is light bright and definitely feels like a bed room retreat. If you are in need of extra space yourself do consider your garage. Of coarse there are challenges with things like storage, but you can find other creative solutions for that. It is a great way to add extra space while trying to minimize costs and we are so glad we did it! I will show you pictures of the outside of the house and the concrete drive way soon.

What do you think?


  1. The polished concrete floor looks great!!!

    Love the cushions, bed spread and those luxe curtains!!! Beautiful!!!

    I notice you used steel curtain rods. What do you normally base your decision on? I am stuck on whether to go with black or steel curtain rods :(
    Black, I'm thinking might stand out too much against our light coloured curtains and walls... And steel, I am afraid might look too ... blingy against our gloss timber floor and kitchen chrome base bar stools. Doh!


  2. Thanks B!

    Honestly, for the curtain rods bought these because the rest of my room is very simple and mono tone. I bought these to add a little bit of glamour and with the crystal finials at the ends it's like adding diamond studs to an outfit;) Every room no matter how simple could use a bit of glam. They also went with my chandelier. I'd gladly offer you my opinion for your room and would love to see it anyway so let me know. If it's anything like the rest of your house which is beautiful clean and modern then I think you could mix it in and it wouldn't clash at all.


  3. Thanks guys! I'm actually thinking about having no hardware and using the touch close system to keep it even more clean. Option B is to go with lucite handles which chrome fasteners. I can't make up my mind!

  4. Hi, your room is gorgeous. I was wondering if you could tell me who makes the candles in the metallic jars with the lids?

  5. Hi minnimouse,

    I actually found the candles at Home Goods ab 6-7 mos back and bought the entire amount from a few locations;) They are amazingly strong and smell of sandlewood and sage, but the best part is that they are in brass containers. They are called ALTRU Soy Candles and I found them for $20.25ea at last call
    Neiman Markus!!!{keyword}

    Since I paid $5.99ea I got an amazing deal :)

    Hope that helps, Whitney

  6. Wow, you got the best deal:) Well, I think they are adorable. I did order 4 of them. Can't wait until they arrive. Thanks so much!