Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Garage Addition:Budget Friendly Master Bathroom Progress

Good morning,

Since I get so busy and am consumed with work my poor home tends to take a back seat  aboard the progress ship. I realized that it's been a long time since I've talked about our garage addition and its progress as well as our new master bathroom inside the garage addition. Maybe one day the whole thing will be finished....

Today I want to share with you a peek at our bathroom. I posted about the carrara marble tiles here, which are actually the white Grecian tiles from Home Depot. Now I will post about some of the other elements in the room.

Please note that I am still missing hardware, window treatments (hence the card board in the window, I KNOW!), art, and accessories. I'll reveal those sometime this year when I actually get this baby finished;)

Here are the unfinished but somewhat finished results thus far.

We chose one fluid mirror that is at the base of the counter and extends to the height of the frame less glass shower. This gives the illusion of a much larger space and really maximizes the double vanity. The dimensions are 52"x64" wide.

The vanity itself is in a light natural grain laminate (due to cost and budget) The dimensions are 64"x24" deep. It is also a taller than a standard vanity for comfort which is growing in popularity in new bathrooms. We chose slimmer cabinets and larger drawers to maximize storage and organization both of which are lacking since we no longer have a garage! I then balanced this on top of the vanity with smaller sinks which were needed due to the cabinet dimensions and also balanced this with the tray and accessory placements.

We were unable space wise to have a separate tub and shower so instead had to combine them. You can't see it but our tub is a modern square version and IT IS MASSIVE. What can I say? I like to bathe. We wrapped the inside shower as well as the face of the tub with the Grecian white marble tiles again from Home Depot (these are EXTREMELY challenging to install as an FYI).

Our light fixtures were inexpensive ones found at Lowe's due to the need at the time for an inspection I had to rush and get "whatever" could work. They are seen here Allen + Roth Polished Chrome Flush Mount. We used 2 since they are only 15.75" in width and had to add extension rods to make them long enough for the height of the ceilings.

My modern sinks and faucets are from Overstock.com and can be found here and here . The price and look of both the sinks and faucets are truly amazing and the quality is better than we expected. My two cents that I would throw in here is that the faucet shoots a some what uneven POWERFUL stream of water, therefore there is a slightly annoying splash factor. Not something I can't live with, but I would prefer to not HAVE to live with it if you know what I mean.

The floors are a polished concrete which I have posted about before and will do a final reveal on soon.

That's it so far. It definitely doesn't feel like a garage addition expecpt for the card board window treatments possibly. We are very happy with our budget bathroom as it is coming along.

What do you think?