Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Project Sneak Peek, Lighting Done Right

Good morning,

I wanted to show you some pictures I took yesterday of the lighting in my Modern Organic project which is turning out simply stunning. I specifically took them because of the dimmed lights and candles which are simply drool worthy!

I believe in dimmers where ever possible and have them throughout my house including the kitchen. I also believe that you should have a range of high and low lights to set the mood for what ever the occasion. Hanging lights mixed with lamps mixed with wall sconces mixed with can lights etc. should all be used in unison to highlight a room to its best. I'm devoted to candle light and personally have them in every single room of my home including bathrooms though they remain unlit in my children's rooms;). They are inexpensive and cast the absolute best mood lighting.

Needless to say that even in these incomplete stages of my project take a look at how the lighting is setting the tone.

I love how the lights cast shadows off the walls especially in the dining room. I'm dying for it already. I have special lighting in every room for this project that I will share with you soon.

I would love to hear how you set the mood in your own parties and homes through lighting so do comment and share~


  1. Absolutely beatiful! So happy I found your blog when looking for inspiration for my new Ikea Lack floating shelves. Love what you did with yours, by the way. You've now got yourself a daily reader. All the best :)

  2. Thanks Lisa! I hope you get all the inspiration you need. Did you end up blinging out your lack shelves?

  3. okay this is a long shot. You posted this a long time ago. But I really really want that mirror. Where did you find it?