Friday, June 3, 2011

Design Crush, Ikat Upholstery

Good morning, sadly this will possibly be the last post from me for this week until Monday. I am moving Saturday so ready or not here we come! It should only get better from here because I can finally uncover and put together all the lovely rooms that I have been dying for. It won't happen overnight but we will have a home again and for that I am lucky and grateful.

Now for this post, I am obsessed , dying for, can't stop thinking about, really into Ikat fabrics. I have been for a while but it magnified over the last couple of shopping trips. Home Goods had a sunny yellow Ikat covered chair that was absolutely stunning for only $150 but yellow is not my thing. Z Gallery has a really amazing blue Ikat chair seen here: Z Gallery Ikat chair for $499 but I'm too cheap for that right now. That leaves me with the quest to somehow add a chiar in a room , or to add some pillows and to do it on a budget which you know I'm all about. Either way "I WILL HAVE ME SOME IKAT YA HEAR?" Here are a few rooms to wet your palette and hopefully get you on the same page.

These Indian inspired and made fabrics are simply stunning and outlandish. They can be found in almost any color palette and come in dual colors or multi colors. I can't wait to find a use for them somewhere, how about you?

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