Friday, June 10, 2011

White Living Room With Rustic Accents

Good afternoon, as promised here are some pictures of the living room in its current state. Though it's still not finished it is really starting to come together and I have been told by a few that it is topping the favorite room list (not mine though:) I really love all the white that flows in with the silver and crystal accents mixed together beautifully with the rustic beach woods and the animal hides.
 Notice that I have my cow hide rug in there, love~
 This shelf serves as my entry way console table. I found it and the brackets at Ikea. Such a score~

 Notice those 3 huge mirrors hung behind the sofa. I fount them at Home Goods in various colors and spray painted them all flat white to make them more modern and to also unify them. They make the room feel huge~

I will do a room by room breakdown once I have things further along. Picture white curtains hanging on either side of that window, and that window is also changing to new hurricane impact windows.

Here are the DIY picture ledges that I posted about before. It was tough to decide between a gallery style picture wall or the picture ledges but I think we made the right choice on this one. I just threw some frames up there which will likely change, but that was the whole point! I can change them around any time and it still looks streamlined and chic~

 So that's the start of something beautiful. What do you think so far?


  1. So pretty. I love how bright the room is and the white is dreamy. Love!

  2. Looove all the white! Great room :)