Friday, June 17, 2011

Starburst Mirrors, Small Design Big Punch....On A Budget Of Coarse

Good morning, today I wanted to share with you a great score that I found at Target. It is the cutest little starburst mirror that I put on a small bare wall that needed a little somethin somethin in our entry way. Never forget that your entry way is the very first impression to guests walking in to your home. You should always pay a little love to that space.

Honestly, I've seen these mirrors go around and around, but personally they never appealed to me. Sometimes design is like fashion where not every trend that comes out needs to go on you. Well I stand to be corrected on this one. This cute little mirror as seen here Target was only $24.99! That's right folks, and I'm pretty sure that's why it was hard for me to walk away when I bought it thinking I would just see how it looked in that space. The results were near perfect though it needs to hang a bit lower.

Take a look at my results:

The pictures don't do it justice. I stuck it on a random nail that was already in the wall which clearly needs to be lowered, or my other option would be to hang another one right below it since there is space. I'm undecided about the details, but one thing is clear to me that I love starburst mirrors!

Here are some other pictures to inspire you:

Happy Friday, and happy starburst mirror hunting~

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