Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DIY Console Table, Parsons Style On The Cheap

Good morning, I have a space just to the right of my family room sofa where there isn't much space and yet it is looking a bit bare. I have 2 pictures hung there now which look nice, however I decided that it needs a little something extra to beef it up and make it look more complete. Since there isn't much space (under 50") I have to go with something slender and just the right length so a parsons style console table should fit the bill. It is sleek and contemporary in design to stay consistent with that room, it doesn't take up too much space so it will fit nicely, and it is a great place to store a couple extra things that will make that corner feel "just right" instead of "something's missing here".

These are the inspirations that I started with:

Then I took a trip to my beloved Ikea to see what I could find. The obvious contender was something like the MALM Console table, but at 75"l it was too big.
Then there was the MALM dressing table, but it only came in white and had a drawer and I wasn't looking for either of those qualities.
So then I came up with the idea to do a DIY console table parsons style using 3 ECKBY shelves at 46 7/8"x11" they would be perfect.

They were only $14.99, so I bought 3. They will be cut at the corners so that they meet at an angle and will be cut to 31" tall for the legs which is the standard console table height and also is the height of the back of my sofa. For a cost of about $45 I will have a custom parsons style console table. The project isn't completed yet, hopefully tonight, but I already staged a shelf as though it was (there's my lack of patience again).

What do you think? Have you come up with any interesting ideas to fill in the holes at your home?

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