Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Sneak Peak At The House

Well good afternoon, let me start by saying that I haven't lost my desire or zest for posting really it's the exact opposite. I am simply stuck at the mercy of Comcast at this moment and have to tell you that I'm beyond the point of not liking them AT ALL. Let's just say that after countless days of waiting for service men and installers of all kinds I have been trapped in my new house with no internet. Once that part is over I will be back to showing you the new house and what is happening in the garage and outside since we ARE still in the middle of an addition and in transforming the exterior of our house including changing the facade, the drive way, paint color, garage conversion to master suite and landscaping.

In the mean time here are a couple of sneak peak pics that aren't much. Really these aren't meant for the blog but rather were taken of the rug you see in both pictures that I staged so that they could be sold on Craig's List. Both rooms are missing many details such as curtains and still have changes to come like the view out the dinning room window (pretty huh?) and the crooked mirrors (which is a big pet peeve), but even as they are now you can start to see them coming together.   I promise to show you proper pictures soon~


  1. I'm loving what I'm seeing, especially all the white.

  2. Thanks jandjhome, that's the name of this home's game. I am posting more of the living room now.