Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Garage Addition, Pouring Concrete Floors And Saving Money On The Way

Good morning, yesterday I started a new project for a dinning room so I wasn't able to post. For today, I am showing you what we are up to at our house. We are under way for our garage addition which will turn out to be our laundry room with a master bedroom and en suite master bath. We don't have enough space in our yard (1/4acre) to build out, but we need the extra space. Our solution is to build out in to the garage giving us 4 full beds and 3 full baths, plus a beautiful split floor plan.
These are the drawings to give you an idea of what our layout will end up looking like.

There are challenges for doing a garage addition such as the loss of storage, but we still have attic space and plan to add a shed to the side of our home for the other extras. For any of you who have the bones of a good home but find yourselves needing some extra space, this is one of the most cost effective solutions that you can do.

Lucky for me my husband has been in the concrete business for 17 years. Pouring, finishing and cutting concrete is what his company does which adds up to huge savings $$$ for lucky little us. *For any of you in the Florida area you can write me and and I will link you to him if you are in need of these services.

Any-whoo, one of the ways that we are saving money on the concrete itself is to add a layer of sand to our garage foundation to raise the elevation so that less concrete needs to be poured on top. This is a very specific process which requires the sand to be 100% compacted and properly treated for termite and pest control and should only be done by an experienced professional. We are working on having the inspection approved today after which we can move forward with pouring the concrete.

The plan ahead is to polish the concrete floors and keep them bare and exposed. This is another way that we are saving money on the flooring, but fear not I will be layering lush drapes, an upholstered bed, chandeliers and overall glamerous style to the room which will juxtapose the rough hard edges of the concrete floors. It''s very modern and extremely exciting for a design risk taker like myself;)

Heres what it looks like now:

Leave it to a Floridian to have a sandy beach in their garage!

Here's what it will look something like when we are done:

Can you believe all those polished concrete floors?! It just goes to show that it's all in how you put something together, and I know how to put something together. Wish us luck on today's inspection and hopefully we will have some floors in there soon~


  1. Gold luck with the inspection!!!

    Can't wait to see your floor finished. It's going to look amazing.


  2. Thanks B! As you know very well, it will be nice to get things really moving along and back to functional:) I love your home project by the way. I stop by periodically and check out the progress. It is really going to be fantastic.

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