Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm Back.....With Another DIY Idea, Drift Wood Lamps

Good morning! I'm sorry I haven't been able to write but it will be a bit sparse for now since we moved over the weekend and don't have online access yet at the new house until Weds. It was so much work, but it was so cathartic to know that you have a home to call your own and it is custom to everything that you have been dreaming of.  I now know that remodeling requires so much time and energy, but it is worth every single pain staking moment! I am still in unpack and set up mode and am sure that I will be for a while, but we are actually about 85% finished with that part which is huge since we moved on Saturday. I will have pictures to show you very soon and I know you will be as ecstatic as I am. This was really a test for me to see if I could take all that I know and love and really produce a space that worked and boy did we achieve that goal.

Now, for today's inspiration: I am loving our home and loving the mix of elegance and rustic that we have going on but I need to adjust out living room a bit to give it less polish. Yes, I said a bit less polish ha! It needs a little "rough grumpy old man" element to offset all the "lovely white, crystal and femininity". To achieve that I am thinking of using only one crystal lamp on my end table and making a DIY drift wood lamp for the other one. 

Here are some pictures to give you a better idea.

What do you think? Sound like a plan Stan?

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  1. Hey lady! The house looks MARVELOUS!!! You have outdone yourself I think! LOVE it! Anyways, quick comment on the drift wood lamp....love them but please do not change the living room. It might be my favorite part of the new space just as it is. The crystal lamps are perfect there. Make a drift wood for somewhere else or for me! LOL! Love ya.