Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TV Media Solutions

Good morning, while a good friend of mine was doing a make over on her home we ran into concerns with her tv media center. This got me thinking about my own media center. I have a lovely console table that was actually originally a buffet and was an awesome find. I balance my space out and find the room to be a sum of it's parts more than individual. Here are some tips:

1- Display something on your console table if you have the space. Orchids and candle lanterns are good suggestions.
2- Balance either side of it with something to make it more substantial. I have a large basket of blankets on one side and a large vase with plant on the other side to give it some volume. Mirrors, pictures and drapes are also good for this.
3-Use window treatments to your advantage. I haven't gotten mine yet and will be doing simple clean roller shades or white curtains. Whatever treatments you do pay attention to details because they can enhance and balance your space out. 
4- Upgrade yourself to recessed furnishings or built ins. I don't have this in my budget, but one day can see it happening for me. I find this to be the best way to really amp up your room and give it the custom the designer look that I would loooove.
5- I wouldn't go with anything too trendy because this will surely be a costly investment and not something as easy to change as a rug and pillows. I like to keep things in dark wood tones which keep it clean and contemporary and then add layers of accessories, fabrics and patterns for added interest but whatever you decide to go with make sure it will stand the test of time. 

Here is what my room currently looks like. I am still needing the plant for the right of the tv (I have something specific in mind) and will have some built in shelves soon in the kitchen on the left of the tv to put some orchids on which will also bring balance to that side of the room and balance the shelves on the adjacent wall to the right.

And here are some inspirational pictures for you. I would die to one day have this be a real feature wall, even if that means adding a built in wall feature behind the section between my two windows such as wavy dry wall, a huge piece of dark wood or some wall paper.

Many of these images are from Candice Olson who I adore. She is the queen of making the tv blend and adding so much interest to a room with layers upon layers.  Just look at the image directly above. I am in love with that black leather wall with a tv hung on it. It's almost invisible, how clever.

Maybe one day I can have my custom feature wall. What about you, have you done anything interesting with your tv media center? I would love to see your pictures.

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