Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Grey, White, And Yellow Teen Boy's Room: Sneak Peek

Good morning,

This morning I wanted to share with you the other teenage boy's room that I just completed for my Modern Organic project. Sorry for how grainy they are. These were quick pictures taken with my iPhone and will look much better once done with a "real" camera, but I love how it turned out so much that I just had to give you a peek.

The room was done in grey, white and yellow. I took it from a young boy's room and upped the cool factor and sophistication as this young man will be headed off to college before we know it.

I chose a platform bed with built in drawers to keep the furniture to a minimum which gave me the space I needed to create a desk/study area as well as a seating area so that instead of this room being packed with chunky furniture, it could be packed with lots of friends.

Take a look.


The goal was to transform this room to a more grown up space, but not to lose what makes a kids room a kids room. What's the key to creating a cool teen boy's room? Well it goes along with that saying, "if you can't beat em, join em". There's no sense fighting against tchotchkes and sports memorabilia, instead I kept this young athlete's hobbies and accomplishments present by strategically displaying his art and trophies on shelves and in framed pictures. I then layered on the cool elements with things such as the egg chair, the acrylic fan and the acrylic swivel desk chair.

The results are a streamlined and uncluttered space that has a grown up feel, but definitely has  teenager written all over it. It's the perfect room for this cool athlete. I'll have better pictures soon, I promise!

What do you think so far?


  1. Beautiful!!! I'm sure the lucky boy loves it.
    Is that a malm console table I spy? :)


  2. Hi B, it is is a MALM console, how observant of you. It's the perfect desk solution for a small space. I happen to have one myself;)

  3. Very nice, I like the acrylic pieces! Also, the displaying of the sports items...