Monday, June 11, 2012

Project Sneak Peek, Staging The Modern Office

Good morning,

Yesterday I spent the day tying together lose ends at my Modern Organic office project staging and accessorizing the exam rooms and offices and making this cold modern space alive and warm. I love this part of any project when I make things come together and really shine.
Though I still have art to select in all the rooms as well as a few unfinished items, I am coming pretty close to the finish line which is fantastic. I want to share with you some sneak peek pictures to give you a glimpse at what's been happening, and to show you how the flower arrangements that I posted about here look once added to the office.

In this office we took an existing space down to the bare concrete floors, removed existing walls and put up new ones for an entirely different and more functional layout. We've done everything from adding floors and base boards to lighting, bathrooms, and cabinetry. Nothing in this space is as it was.

This space consists of:
- a patient waiting room
- 2 long hallways
- 3 exam rooms
- a lab
- 2 bathrooms
-an employee work room that fits 4 people
-an employee break room
- reception check out room that fits 2 employees
-a stock room

I made the most of this space for a growing medical office all while streamlining the style and feel that this company projects. My clients deal with prosthetics and orthotics and wanted something that would really stand out. They brought me in to give them a new space that was modern, clean and nothing they could do in their words on their own. They want a space that has the "WOW" factor, and this is shaping up to be just that! I can't wait to show you the rest.

What do you think so far? Have I sparked your interests?

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    Love it!!!

    Wish my employer would make our offices look more like that :)))))