Friday, June 1, 2012

Acrylic Pulls For The Kitchen And Bath: Part 1

Happy Friday!!!

Recently while shopping with a client I came across one of my weaknesses that I've been lusting for and drooling over for EVER.

I am referring to acrylic pulls and knobs for kitchens and baths! Specifically I am referring to the Atlas Homewares Optimism acrylic collection. I've seen them on line and used in decor and have died for them for what feels like an eternity. Why you ask have I not acquired these babies? Well, the truth is while we have been under construction and doing our addition for quite some time, I had to make some rush decisions for inspections and out of plain old get it done I simply settled!

Sadly, when these rash decisions happen you find that you will spend double or more getting what you REALLY want. In the end I have learned time and time again that it's better to have some patience and do it right.

Here are some pictures mostly from Candace Olsen's designs (who by the way are amazing and flawless!!!) with the coveted acrylic pulls and knobs.

Long story short, there I was in the Ace Hardware in Coral Gables when I happened upon them right there in stock and in sorted bins!!! Say Whaaaaaat! I'm pretty sure you can see how things are going down from here my friends, but I had to be sure. Sooooo, I bought just one at $15 (with my discount) and brought it home to the kitchen front to see what I thought.

Well, as you can see from the pictures above they are amazing. The husband isn't happy about the changes. Geesh, you'd think he would get used to it by now;)

Now I'm going back to buy the 7 more 6" pulls that I need for the kitchen above plus 8 of the 16" long ones that will soon be going in to my master bathroom (which has an equally pricey story of its own). Yes, I'm excessive like that.

The question here is, what to do with all the knobs that I currently have?!!! Do I keep the round knobs in the above pictures or do I also change those out keeping in mind that I have 17 of them? I can never figure why it's so easy to work out these things in the homes of my clients but NEVER my own.

 I'm kind of sort of thinking to change the knobs too (gasp), but I can't make up my friggin mind.

 What would you do?!

P.S. I will have some kitchen pulls for sale if anyone is interested.

P.S.S. Stay tuned for part 2 which will be a bit since it requires me to get the new drawer and cabinet doors in the bathroom first which will be ab 2 weeks (I'll explain that later)

P.P.S.S. I forgot to do a before and after of our kitchen so once I get this sorted out, I will reveal that.

P.P.P.S.S. I need to buy the new pulls on Monday so your feed back would be appreciated sooner rather than later.


  1. The acrylic knobs/pulls are amazing. Well, my kitchen cabinets were changed a few months ago. Instead of getting rid of the cabinets & the knobs we put them in the laundry room and garage. So, maybe use some knobs in the laundry room and sell the others. Or another option would be to put them in the kids room (doors,dressers etc.).

    BTW... The candles arrived today....Loving them will order about six more. Oh shipping was free on ebay as opposed to last call website:).

  2. Wow. Haven't seen these before. They look great!


  3. Thanks for your comments and suggestions guys! I bought them, and of coarse was short a few! That always happens :/ so I will reveal at least the kitchen soon.

    Good suggestion about using the other ones elsewhere. I might take them to a clients project as well as a thought.

    I'm so happy you love the candles as much as me. I would have bought them just for the jars, but the fragrance is an added bonus!!