Thursday, June 14, 2012

Project Sneak Peek, Curtain Call

Good morning,

Yesterday I finished installing the sheer curtains in my Modern Organic Project and the results are perfect! I chose to use sheer chiffon on a track system to unify the rooms in this Spanish style home that have multiple doors and windows on the same wall. The sheers diffuse the light and help with the heat, but still leave this space bright and airy without impeding the feeling if the sunny space.

Take a look.

 Family Room:

Dining Room:

I had to edit and crop the main TV media area in the family as it is still under construction and hopefully will be installed next week, but there are also small windows flanking that wall with sheers. The sheers extend across the walls and meet in the corners with a seamless effect.What these pictures also don't show is that behind the Barcelona Day Bed is the client's playroom which I deliberately blocked to diffuse the view into that room.

Sheer drapes on a track system are a great window treatment solution for a variety of reasons. They are a fantastic solution for modern spaces as opposed to traditional drapes. They are a great way to transform a room and give it a very "boutique hotel" feel, and can be hung across entire walls as well as windows. They work as a great solution to cover rooms such as the ones above with oddly spaced window and doors They can aid in covering unsightly windows and views beyond;) And lastly, are a relatively affordable option. For the dining room above they would be pulled closed during dinner parties and entertaining, and are left open otherwise for the outside access.

What do you think? Could you see yourself with sheers in your own house?


  1. Perfection!!! And not just the curtains, but all the styling. Love it all <3

    You've got me thinking now... maybe I should go with sheers on tracks and then curtains on rods in front? Hmmm


  2. Word verification makes it so difficult to leave comments these days *shy*

  3. Sorry, just one more question if you don't mind :)

    Where did you get the curtain tracks, and do you remember how much they were?


  4. Hi B, I figured you would like these. I could see then in your house! To be honest with you, I personally haven't done curtains on tracks as far as installation and hire a company to do these for me so that I'm not liable if I make a mistake. My totals include the material, labor for sewing the curtains, the rods and installation so I don't know an exact break down. I can tell you that it doesn't look too difficult once I was watching him install them. I had to find a white chiffon fabric that was 110" wide which I think is key for fewer seams and as for the tracks I'm sure you can find them at any drapery place, and even Ikea. You just combine them when you install to get the desired length. I wish I knew the cost of them alone, and if you lived here I could refer you to a few places :/ Also, you would want to have them dewn in the "ripple fold" and not "pin tuck" which are more modern and clean looking.

    Hope that helps!