Friday, June 8, 2012

Sneak Peek, I Really Never Have Liked Fake Flowers

In case you have already figured it out, I've been MIA! I started a new project, and the beginning stages are always some of the busiest. That and everything else that I'm working on.

Today I wanted to share with you a little DIY project that I took on for my Modern Organic office to bring a little bit of green into a very modern and seemingly cold office space.

My client doesn't want to have to maintain real flowers nor do they have the time and needed a solution.

I actually get those requests often from MANY of my clients. Typically I go around that and manage to get the "real deal" in their homes through easy plants and orchids. I'm all for living whenever possible. I've also found that the fake orchids in pots are either very pricey or are nothing like the real deal  so I typically avoid them. Long story short, one day this week I saw some orchid displays in a high end store, and they were breath taking. Upon further inspection I realized that they were fake flowers, but they looked so real and soooo amazing!

I found my modern flower solution for the office. I searched for things to make these artistic flower arrangements. Very authentic moss? Check! Really nice stems of silk orchids? Check! Extra plants, leaves and branches as fillers? Check! Drift wood and manzanita branches? Double check!

So I attached, cut, twisted and glued my way through 7 of the coolest faux orchid arrangements and I must say this fake situation that I just created is something that I could DEFINITELY do!

Take a peek.

Not too shabby, huh? Perhaps, just perhaps I will make these again, and possibly yes possibly I will use them in those spaces where people REALLY REALLY don't want the maintenance of real plants and flowers. What do you think? Are these displays something that you would want in your own home? Could you see yourself with a beautiful faux silk flower arrangement?

More to come~


  1. Adoro Orquídea, é uma planta nobre. Lindas as fotos!!!

  2. Love love love those arrangements!!!

    And your photography is just amazing. What camera do you use?


  3. Thanks B! My camera is actually just the Sony NEX 5. It isn't the most sophisticated camera but I love that it's easy to use, has a wide lens available and takes a decent shot. I recommend it as an above middle range camera, 100%. Though my husband felt I should have gotten a better camera, it works for me and is super easy to learn.


  4. Thanks Historias, through my husban translating I see that you like the flowers and orchids in general. As do I!