Thursday, May 19, 2011

Custom Photography Art For Your House

Since we have been remodeling we took out most of the interior walls to give us the open floor plan that we love. With that, however we've had to be very selective with our choices for what is going on the few walls that we have. I have really only one large wall that I am planning for art, and I've been on the hunt for the perfect piece which has been a very tricky decision since a)the wall is seen throughout any area of the house making it mucho important and b) it is difficult for me to figure out what I want there and to satisfy my wonderful husband. Robert suggested that I try to have custom photography blown up to a canvas. This can be tough since the average digital photo won't blow up to the size I want (70"wx40"t) because the image gets pixelated and has less resolution. Well, low and behold I've finally found the company to do this for me. Now I just need to decide on the picture and on color vs. black and white.
Here are the contenders:

I wanted to see this one in black and white which is why the same image is here twice.

All images were pulled from which has a huge selection of the 5MB min size requirements that you need for this size of photo. I have my eyes on a couple of them but would love to hear what you think. There can only be one~

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