Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitchen Backsplash With A Modern Edge

Good morning, due to unforeseen complications with our original granite counter back splash we decided to bypass retro fitting it to our new cabinets and going with a different back splash which actually made my day. Ha! Back splashes seem like a pretty easy thing, but they actually can take allot of time, decision and precision for that matter. They can also cost you quite a bit of dough. I went to the standard stores Lowes and Home Depot and just didn't feel any thing. Lucky for me, here in Florida we have some really great suppliers and wholesalers of all things tile and stone so off I went.

I needed something that would strike the right balance in my kitchen. You see, my granite that I once loved because of its large doses of whites became more muted and creamy once the dark chocolate cabinets went underneath it. This I didn't expect and this I couldn't have! Since I like to live a little bit on the wild side I found myself looking at very organic and roughly textured quartz stone. Once I saw my beauty I just knew she had to be mine. Very white with actual quartz crystals it also brings the very much needed feminine balance to my all of the sudden masculine looking kitchen. Let me know what you think. She won't be here until Thursday or Friday, but a good thing is worth waiting for.

My stone is the whitest of the bunch, being the 2nd from the bottom. My house and kitchen are still not finished, but progress is being made. Progress is needed. We are supposed to move in 2 weeks. Keep in mind that we will still be under construction with the garage addition, new driveway, and landscaping once we've moved in however at least the inside will be finished or very close to it and livable. 

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  1. Loving the pendant lamps above the bench Whitney! Can't wait to see the finished product! S x