Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spend A Little Here, Save A Little There

Good morning! I have been on the hunt for a way to save some mulah$$ on bathrooms which can be very pricey little buggers. My thoughts took me to Ikea with an open mind, and boy did I hit the jack pot!

Here are some of the inspirations from Sarah Richardson's bathrooms (who I love), as well as the main contenders.

If we go with a dark rich chocolate finish:

 If we go with a medium chestnut finish:

If we go with a light white finish:
And the contenders are: (keep in mind that counter tops, sinks, hardware and knobs are all changeable)

 MALM: this is 3 seperate units at $79.99 ea could be a great master bath with lots of storage avail 4 colors

 MALM: Double vanity in white $169

 MALM: $169 double vanity in espresso

KOPPANG: $99.99 single dresser in white (not the top of my list but I have one in red and could easily paint it and put it in the guest bath after I glam that baby up! Use what you've got)

BIRKELAND: $299 To me this looks very bathroom vanity and I like it. For a master maybe add a single to this for $179 more

ASPELUND:  $179 Bad picture here, sorry. Deep drawers which are great. Could work for the guest bath

NYVOLL: $299 May not be large enough, however I could modify a MALM for this style and do a series of 3.

I also wanted to show some additional inspiration for paint and style:

I think you get the picture. Endless possibilities (wish I could say the same about my budget) Enjoy~

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  1. Oh these are stunning! Each photo has got my attention and I can't wait to see what you do in your own bathroom! I didn't know a back splash could make a girl drool, but then again, I've never lathered my hands opposite mother-of-pearl. Could you imagine? How divine! I'm not sure if you have that exact choice in mind, however, it's apparent that you've got your eye on creating a feel of luxury. Personally, I am a longtime fan of darker woods and light walls. I will admit though, your inspiration boards could sway me. The lighter wood was so appealing surrounded by bright whites and crystal accents. Absolutly beautiful! With your fabulous style, no low budget stands a chance at holding you back.