Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekend Inspiration, Curtains Hung Around The Bed

Good morning, I'm up and getting a running start. So many things to do at the house, and I'm kind of excited to get there because it was finally cleaned which means IT"S NOT SO DIRTY ANYMORE, YAAAAAY! I will be taking pictures for you, and as soon as the travertine floors get sealed we will start moving in all our goods which will make this house our home.
Even with that said though I can't help but wish to stay in bed lingering with whatever plays on Bravo, and just taking a day to do nothing! Is that bad? I mean nothing at all. Here are a few of the dreamiest rooms that inspire me today, and that my friends is where I wish I was. There is just something romantic and blissful about a beautiful canopy bed that make you never want to leave it. I hope you enjoy your weekend~


  1. Hey there! You recently came to my blog- Kara Paslay Designs- and asked who to credit the coffee filter light to. That was my original idea, so you can credit it to me. Thanks for asking! Also thanks for these gorgeous inspiration pics!

  2. Hi Kara, thank you for letting me know and more so for the amazing light. I will be putting together my daughter's room soon and will make sure to update and give credit where it is due. I love it, and also love you blog. I hope you check back in and see the finished results as they come.