Monday, May 9, 2011

There's No Time Like This Week

Good morning and Happy Monday. This is going to be a big week on the ol home front. We have some major things happening and I can't wait to show you the finished floors along with the very long list of things to do. Not that I'm complaining though because we really hope to be in the house and out of this rental by the end of the month. Go go gadget wheels!

Floors- Done Son!
Clean and touch up paint in house- possibly today. I need to get my clean on!
Wood Floors in Bedrooms- (don't know when they will be done because my husband won't commit which drives me crazy).
Kitchen cabinets- We will be reinstalling this week. We had a large Oops here which I'll post along with our helpful hints once they are back in.
Kitchen Counters- we are reusing our granite that we had which saved us a chunk of  money- but our granite is also a beautiful white granite that I actually love.
Base Boards- we have to purchase, paint, and cut them so there is some work to be done here.
Paint chandeliers for guest room and Isabella's room- remember the light from the dinning room? That one will be white washed and used for the guest room plus I will paint one blue for Isa's room. Both of which I already had.
Make Amanda's Light- I am waiting on my rice paper lantern from Amazon and will be making the puffy coffee filter light. It resembles a puffy cloud and is perfect for a teen room. 
Hang Lighting- 3 hallway lights, 3 kitchen pendant lights, dinning room chandelier, guest bath, and 3 bedrooms for now

That's our little big list for this week. I will be posting each section and giving my helpful hints along the way, but until then here's what my house will look like when we're done (ok maybe I'm exaggerating a bit)  Enjoy~

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