Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Have Progress

Good morning! As promised I wanted to show you some pictures of the finished work from the wall demo. It is important to note that when doing construction on a home especially when it comes to removing structures and walls that you WORK WITH QUALIFIED PEOPLE. I'm lucky that I have a husband in the construction industry and that he has many qualified contractors under his manly sleeves, however the average person doesn't and the average person also doesn't know much about proper construction. A good way to ensure that you don't need to later call Holmes on Homes (love that guy)  is to verify licensing and training and also verify references in person preferably. Be very selective on where you save money, and remember that the lowest price doesn't always get the job. For us this process involved looking at the drawings to ensure that we were not working on a load bearing wall, a fun day of demoing the wall, an electrician to re-route all the wiring and lighting and an amazing handy man who was able to finish the patching and drywall flawlessly and gave us rounded edges on our walls. I LOVE IT.

You also now have a sneek peak at our new floors, our new kitchen and our all white color scheme though don't get too attached. Most of what you see in this house is going to be changed since we still have a long way to go baby.



I love how much light this had brought to our little gem. What do you think of our progress? Do you have any similar projects to share with us?


  1. my goodness, what a transformation already!!

    I'm in the same biz as your hubby and it never gets old seeing walls removed :)

  2. Just wanted to say hi from Zagreb, Croatia! I am here visitig your blog for the first time, and I´ll be glad to see how is your work going on. :)

  3. Hi Amaradi, thanks for visiting my site. I hope to show you more progress as we go along.

  4. Thanks for checking it out Naomi. I have been following you for quite some time and would love to have another set of eyes on our 'big' little project as we go.

  5. Looks like lots of hard work that will be so worth it in the end. Lookin good so far:) I am your newest follower:) Glad to have found you.