Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Like A Slice Of Home Made Pie

I wanted to give you a quick post with a picture that I just love. I have a vintage wood and leather chair that's in a bit of a red hue and I'm thinking I'll straight drape it with the biggest fluff I can find and stick that baby in a corner where it can continue to be enjoyed. I'm loving the mix of the rug, the metal table and something similar to the light though mine might be more of a lamp shade design. It's always nice to use what you've got especially if you have something a bit creative and different. Those things just can't be bought these days.

How about you? Do you have a chair that you just can't part with but needs a bit of a push to make it work?

Stay tuned for the floors update as promised. I will be going today and am hoping that we have the grout~


  1. I have a chair that I would love to have recovered for sure. It is tired and worn, but we just keep steam cleaning and using it just the way it is:) This is a great picture, I love the book shelves.

  2. Thanks Amy. You know, I will be sure to post the attempt to help my little chair along. Have a great night.

  3. This chair is excitingly eccentric...ooh la la. Cozy and inviting, it screams "Touch me!" A sultry design that promises, "You've never felt anything like me." It plays coy with a texture that says "You know you want to." Perhaps, too sexy to sit in..then again who could resist?

  4. Thanks Falon, that is a pretty vivid description of the chair ha! Thanks for visiting my "sexy" chair. XoXo