Monday, May 30, 2011

House Tour, White and Inspiring

Happy Monday, though today is a holiday I wanted to take a minute and post this amazing house from house beautiful that I find to be so bright and fresh and inspiring. It goes to show you that white isn't boring if done right which is just what I intend to show in my own home.

I will be spending my day yet again at the house where I've been everyday until the night over this weekend. Since I have no furniture there right now and the husband and kids are in Orlando I have been working uninterrupted armed with my magic erasers and spray paint. On the list are cleaning, hanging doors and knobs, putting up lighting, replacing boring bi-fold door knobs with nice metal knobs, taking a razor blade to all surfaces and window seals to get rid of any paint droppings and tackling numerous DIY projects. Come Monday I will have some major things to show you including a nice DIY project (or three) and I think you will love the results as much as I do.

I hope you sit back, relax and enjoy your break~


  1. Hope you are getting all your projects done this's nice to have the opportunity to to this before the furniture is back in the house.

    Love this house in House Beautiful...all white is never boring.


  2. Hi Annie, thanks. It was the longest weekend ever, and I worked my butt off! I'm down to moving on Friday with still so much to do. Wish me luck