Friday, May 6, 2011

Upholstery, upholstery, upholstery

Good morning, I want to share with you one of the many projects that I am working on. Upholstery! Let me start by saying that upholstery can give you the taste specific designer room you've always wanted. It can be done through pillows, curtains and drapes, chairs, chair cushions, couches, sofas, chaise, slip covers and just about anything you can set your pretty minds to.
I'll keep you in the loop once I have the price and the finished goods son, but for now here it is:

I am ONLY using the striped chair in the picture for the re-upholstery and will be covering 2

 This is the fabric for the back of the chair. LOVE IT. Cost: $6.98/yd! AMAZING

This is the fabric for the front of the chair which also ties in the sofas that you see in the picture. $6.98/yd

Lookie here, I found these pillows on Etsy so apparently someone else already like my fabric combination (whoa!) This was a group effort with myself and my husband so things are getting spooky.

I may throw these on my sofa or the other chairs that you will see later. This is just a sneak peak people!
  Have you ever re-upholstered something? Please share with your beautiful results~


  1. Can you tell me the name of this fabric? Gorgeous!

  2. Hi Victoria, I'm not sure which one you are referring to because we used both of them. I bought them both from at a great price the one with the birds is called Barber/Taupe Robin and the other one with the Damask type print is called Ozborne Robin/White. If you go to and type "robin" in the search you should find them both. As a note I bought WAAAAAAYYYYY too much fabiric since at the time I didn't know how to measure a chair correct so if you need some I could part with it on the very cheap:) It would be fantastic if you are local;)