Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wall Paper In Your House, Yes Please

Gone are the days when wall paper was "the terrible to put on" and "worse to take off "old tired worn out kind (like what I used to have throughout my flat in San Francisco not by choice of coarse). Now there are the nicest and freshest wall paper coverings available that will inspire and freshen up any space they are in. Here are some inspirational pictures to show you how creative you can get. Whether it is in your entry way, guest room, bathroom, dining room, kitchen or laundry room you will add instant life and style to any room.  I would love to have it on the wall behind my bed in a lovely translucent almost not there style.  How about you?

I just love how everything else has been coordinated around the wall paper and even copied such as in drapes and upholstery. Please share pictures with me of your stylish designer look using wall paper.

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