Monday, May 16, 2011

Two Rug Choices From Ikea, Cow Hide Or Shag Tis The Question

Good morning, yesterday I went with a friend back to Ikea. I had thought about their sisal rug with a tan border for a long time in 5x8, and I would get two to add to my living room. Then once I was in the store I found my old friend the cow hide rug. I found one in such nice light tan and white colors not a hint of dark to it. I bought all 3 with the hope that I could layer them and it would be a perfect match. I was in love.
Well needless to say once I got home I found the sisal rugs had a bit too much orange/tan/brown combo in the color for my space. I also found them to be down right painful on the feet. I couldn't imagine myself cozying up on those suckers. Of coarse they are going back jack. Now I'm not down to two options: 1) keep the cow hide rug as my sole family room rug which does look fantastic 2) go back and consider the 6'7"x9'10" Adum shag rug for my cozy alternative that you can really sink your toes in. Well to be honest with you, my brain hurts trying to figure this out. I'm sure I will go back and get the Adum rug and may find a hall or entry way to place my hide, or I could also attempt to layer the hide on at Adum rug.

 What do you think? Which one do you prefer when it comes to family rooms?

Here are some lovely pictures for inspiration. I promise to show you real life pictures of my house soon, its just that my rental does it no justice at all.

The last two are of the Ikea Adum rug as seen in the living room of the lovely Sonja from

Let me know what you think~


  1. Me again :) I comepletely understand your predicament my dear! I do like the look of cowhides all though if I am to be honest, the feel of them creeps me out a little and I can't imagine me (or Allegra) cosying up together and playing on one. When we bought our Ikea Adum rug, I felt like we settled on something that we didn't really love but once we got it home, into our lounge room and under the coffee tables we were pleasantly surprised. We also needed the bigest rug we could find and the Adum ticked that box too! Goodluck! S x

  2. Thanks for getting back to me. It's funny because I honestly get creeped out by the cow hide rug as well! I figure I will leave it this way for now as we move in and will probably have to get a fluffy shag rug in the near future. We spend allot of time here as a family and I just can't see my daughters snuggling up with a blanket on a cow hide.