Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh Happy Monday

Good morning, I plan to go to our house today and take some pictures for you of the new floors that are being installed as well as the finished dry wall from yesterdays post. Things are moving along beautifully.

Until then, here are some photos for rooms that I am dying for. Something about an all white on white color palette for me is the bees knees, you know what I mean! In our old house we had so many colors in so many parts of the house which we anchored with nice white and natural wood accents throughout. In the new house however I am changing it up. There's no time like now to really make a space feel as large as possible with nice neutral tones, and by neutral I do mean lots of white and cream and fluffy cotton tones. Take a peek at these pictures and we will see you later~

As you see there are lots of white walls with white curtains, lots of neutral colors that are soft on the eyes, and I love a mix of the elements. Any time you can mix earthy grained natural woods with a baroque mirror in a white washed finish I could melt! This is exactly how I plan to move my little space along. I will mix the masculine with the feminine and the soft elements with the hard elements, the textures with the smooth. I find this to be the perfect recipe for a house full of balance~

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  1. I love those curtains. what kind of curtains are they?